How-to make a fitted Crib Sheet

Okay so now I’m going to teach you how to make a crib sheet. Actually I followed the directions on a free project handout from Crafts Direct. So we’ll be following that with some comments and pictures for me for more instruction.

Click Here for a scan of the original project handout.


  • 2 yards of fabric
  • 1 1/4 yards of ¼” wide elastic. (For those who don’t like doing the math that is 43 inches)
  • Thread
  • Your sewing machines.

Start by prepping and ironing your fabric.

Cut your fabric into a rectangle measuring 67″ x 43″.

Next fold your fabric widthwise and then lengthwise so that you have a square like below.

Next you will cut an 8 inch by 8 inch square out of the corner that had no folds.  You should end up with four 8″ x 8″ squares that have been cut out.



Now in each corner we will match the two sides of the corner where the square was cut out, right side to right side, and stitch them together.  I prefer doing this on the serger.

Next we will be ironing over the bottom edge all the way around the hem for a quarter inch and then again five eighths of an inch.  This will create elastic casing and hem.

Now that you have the hem ironed all the way around, pin it down.  When you are on the long edge, mark a 1” opening from 8” – 9” from each corner.  (Do this ONLY on the longe edge, you should have a total of four 1” markings when you are finished).  I marked mine with a double pin at 8” and again at 9” as shown below:

Stitch all the way around the hem, leaving those 1” spots unstitched:

Cut your 43” of elastic in half, leaving two pieces that are each 21 ½” long.  Pin a safety pin onto the end of one and start threading it into the hem of your crib sheet.  You’ll start at one opening and thread it towards the nearest corner, across the short end, and back up to the opening on the other side:

You will need to make sure you stitch the tail of your elastic down into the entry spot before threading the elastic all the way to the other side, or your loose the elastic in the hem.  As soon as the front safety-pinned end of my elastic is in far enough to pull the slack of the rest of the elastic into the hem, I stitch the tail end down.

To clairify, when the end of the elastic in the hem looks like this:

I stitch it down like this:

Then I stretch the elastic and finish threading it around and out the other hole.  Stitch it in place like you did the tail.  Now stitch across the opening so it is no longer open:

Repeat the same procedure for the other short end of the crib sheet.  When you are finished with both sides, it should look like this:

These are quick and easy to make.  I hope you enjoy!

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